Soul Pictures: is the most developed, and its focus is on the photographs and documents from my family collection, that is related to the careers of Mme. Willi Posey (grandmother), my Mom (Faith Ringgold), and myself.

Talking in Pictures: This deals with the history of photography and race, often inflected by gender. Just pictures and where they come from and where they lead to.

Blues People: which will include materials related to the development of African American culture as a vehicle for articulating the blues, as in Blues People by Amiri Baraka. I will be teaching a course at the M.A. and the World Humanities level at CCNY in the fall on this topic. All the materials will be featured there.

Thoughts on "The Wire" my reading of the HBO series The Wire, and issues related to it, in particular problems having to do with drug addiction and drug abuse in black communities and black families.