What a delight talking with you this evening and getting an update on a few of the many New Lincolnites whom I often think about.   Those were magical years and I enjoyed teaching and working with you all in a way that I just don’t see among our current crop of middle school teachers. They enjoy teaching and relate well to their students but it is very different.  We explored things together!

After leaving New Lincoln in 1967 Paul and I moved to Ithaca NY and to Cornell where, with a few gentle nudges from my Godfather, William Vogt, I discovered Field Natural History and Wildlife Biology. Two years and a Master’s degree later,  we headed west settling in Oregon where I became Director of the Lane county  “outdoor schools.” In those days, in Oregon, all 6th graders were required to spend a week at an outdoor school/camp. Each camp had a staff of naturalists and the kids had a great experience !

In 1972, having determined that Oregon, beautiful as it is, was too far away from our families, we relocated to Massachusetts where I explored the conservation field working with the Massachusetts Audubon Society, the US Fish and Wildlife Service before settling in at the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries & Wildlife where I have worked for nearly 30 years.  My job there is Chief of Information & Education – which involves publishing our magazine and booklets, working with the media, and coordinating programs for teachers – and basically doing whatever it takes to help people understand how to live with wildlife.

At this point we have three grown children; a son and two daughters and we are beginning to take time out for adventure travel. Is this a step toward retirement? I don’t know but we are off to Botswana later this summer.

I often think about our shared New Lincoln years and wonder who is doing what.
Perhaps in the course of this reunion you will put together and send out a set of brief bios of students and teachers who were part of this very special place and time.   Please know that you are much in my thoughts and I wish you all a wonderful and inspiring reunion.


Ellie Jahoda Horwitz

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