Dear Friends,

Yes. New Lincoln was the formative experience of our lives! Not the only one, but as Woody Alan once said, "Certainly one of the top ones." Another was living through the Cold War years and through the period of McCarthyism. Can any of you remember looking out the lunchroom or classroom windows to see Fidel Castro and his entourage, traveling from his hotel in Harlem, on his way to the United Nations meetings? Do you have stories in your memory relating to classmates proudly announcing that their blacklisted parents were finally going back to work? If so - please - permit me to tout my book that just appeared this week:

My novel, Comes the Revolution is published! - It’s available from Amazon - soft cover, $12. and Kindle version $2.99. You can order it just by typing in, and then, under books, you enter Comes the Revolution - or enter Karl Rodman. Wow!

I hope you’ll want to read it and that you’ll like it. It’s a fictionalized account of my aunt, who In 1931 went off to Soviet Russia at age 20, Just before the outbreak of WWII she returned to America with her Russian-born daughter and, until her one hundredth year, she navigated the conflicts of Cold War America. The issues she struggled with, I expect, will be familiar to many of you but, new to others.

The story of her life is a rollicking tale of a powerful woman. I enjoyed writing it and I hope you’ll enjoy reading it.

Best wishes,


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