It was a cold snowy Michigan morning and I was stuck in my house . I remembered the weekend of our 37 1/2 reunion, when the class of 1968 got together for dinner and it turned into the worst Blizzard in the history of NYC. We had so much fun, meeting at the ______bar and Pete's Tavern and brunch at Julia Hammid's with a snow ball fight in Central Park and ending with a Belgian dinner downtown for most of us whose flights had been canceled. By pure fate, a few months before our reunion, I was in a thrift shop, and stumbled on a bunch of old books with New Lincoln Library stamped on them. I bought them so I could return them to their rightful owners...alumni of the school. So, I wondered, what could I arrange for our 40th that would be different and spectacular and a gift to my classmates. I thought about visiting the old school building on 110th street, but whomever I mentioned it to said it could never happen. "Its a correctional facility and they would never let a group like us inside." But I decided to take on the challenge and call Superintendent Williams. After all, what could I loose by trying? I dialed his office and was greeted with warmth, excitement and enthusiasm..."Sure, I've heard about the school. Why not? Lets give it a try." And so I called the 5 or 6 people who had expressed an interest, invited the graduates from 1968, and then Mrs Oliver and some of our favorite teachers. Super Williams said this was an opportunity that might never happen again encouraged me to fill the space. So next, I suggested we include siblings and suddenly, the event took on a life of its own. We asked people to forward the invitation to all NLS community members who might be interested and then, so many people responded that we had to get permission to expand our numbers and here we are today.

We found alumni from the early 50's, the children of some of the founders, children of trustees, children of administrators and children of  teachers, we found teachers from all eras and students from every year. The kids from the mid 70's spread the word around and next we had to start a waiting list.
I never imagined that this would mushroom into such a momentous event. But in the true spirit of New Lincoln we are here today having "a happening" and I will never forget the pleasure of finding and gathering you all together. Thank you for coming.