welcomes all New Lincoln alumni/ae as our own! We have hosted New Lincoln reunion events and provide copies of transcripts upon request. To contact Trevor’s alumni/ae office, send an email to our Manager of Alumni/ae Relations. And be sure to visit our website at

Soul Pictures - photographs and documents from my family collection
Talking in Pictures - history of photography and race, often inflected by gender
Blues People - the development of African American culture as a vehicle for articulating the blues
Thoughts on "The Wire" - the HBO series The Wire, and issues related to it, in particular problems having to do with drug addiction and drug abuse in black communities and black families

The Autumn 2008 edition of their magazine has a wonderful article about our reunion at the 110th Street building. You can get to the magazine by clicking HERE. The article is on page 7.

FACEBOOK (NLS groups):
There are currently a number of NLS Facebook groups. And there may be many others but they haven't been discovered.